Wednesday, April 6, 2011

From my offline blog (?) - Mangalore

I resorted to logging my thoughts in a word doc during those intial days when I missed being connected to net.. This is dt.30 March 2010. A year has flown past and lot of things have changed now..


New job, new place, new team, new look.. Life seems nice all of a sudden

When I got the offer, there was the usual hesitation and resistance to change.. in addition to which I didnt get to hear anything positive about this place People didnt seem to know much about this place except communal sensitivity and very hot weather. Its human tendency to remember such things forget the good as mundane. Coimbatore is still remembered for the blasts that happened more than a decade back though the population there doesnt. Applying the same logic here I decided to take it a shot. The weather which is considered as bad by " normal" beings was ok for me due to the abnormalities nature of my health and it was a good point to convince my Parents and bro. Now about Mangalore

1. For two masala dosas, one plate sambar vada, two coffees all you pay is 52 bucks. tasty simple food. My Dad was shocked.You get full dabba of leechi icecream for just 30 rs!!! I was shocked

2. Auto men stick to meter and dont harass you. They pay you back the change even if its one re( Chennaites and cbeians reading this.. Believe IS TRUE)

3. Traffic though not so organised is less comparitively.

4. City is yet to develop in terms of the no of IT or ITES companies however already has happenign malls in the place

5. Though few farmlands are being cleared,, there is still lot of greenery around

6. Women are beautiful ( MLR gave India her first Miss World). Men are ok ok but then mostly decent and disciplined.

7. The place where I work,, our country manager prefers to take the bus to office and eat the not so good yet no so bad food at cafeteria along with the team, steps out for women to enter the lift first..(( OH.. I ADORE HIM) He hails from Mangalore..

8. I have not so troublesome colleagues.. no trouble so far team with good friendly open minded members

Than everything else, the smile I had almost lost somewhere down the line is back in my face

All this could be just because of the fancy in place and people being new... I still dont mind.. for these days are the good ones I am having after a very loooooooong time.I love Mangalore for that


Murli said...

All the best on your new assignment!!!

Murli said...

All the best on your new assignment!!! And have a great time with lychee ice cream :)