Monday, August 15, 2011

Ignorance or Pretence?

They said it costs the environment great danger. We didnt listen. They now say its going to cost you money- we will listen, wont we?
For the first time ever, I felt happy paying for something which I didnt have to pay for so far. A medium size plastic bag costs Rs 2 henceforth and doesnt come free with your groceries at the department store. Though I had a desire to contribute to the cause of saying NO to plastics, I never stood by it strong. I went to the extent of placing an online order for a reusable cloth bag to carry for shopping but never bothered to followup when the online payment failed. Now I HAVE to
Is it human nature to ignore long term benefits against short term pleasures and convenience. Is it human nature to neglect unless something costs money. Seems to be so!
Please take a look at Encourage your colleagues, friends and family to order these easy to carry cloth bags that can be used instead of plastic bags. This way you not only take that small step that can save the environment but also contribute to the well being of those who produce and distribute it. What more, it looks trendy too!

Educated and Literate we claim ourselves to be. Little more time on the website will help us see how arrogant we have been in contuinuosly contributing to the damage to the environment in every small way we can and pretending not to have known it . Time to wake up, face the fact, listen to, love and respect our Mother Earth. To wither or to Go Green is our choice now

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