Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Rain Rain dont go away

In an article of his, the founder of Isha asks why would Kids in India sing a rhyme to chase the rain away when rain is what we need . This shows our madness in following "english" culture irrespective of whether its applicable or not.. He also explains that English kids do have a reason to, cuz its very rare in their countries to see sunshine.. Why should it be the same here.. forget about rest of the factors.. even the countrys economy is dependent on the rains.TN has been in dark for quite sometime due to lack of rains at the right time and do we want our kids to chase rain away..

Right from childhood I have been warned not to get wet in rain.. when I dared to, I found out how much I had missed until then. Feeling the rain connects me to Nature and the Creator than ever and the bonding strengthens my love for them.Just like how the earth blooms on the receiving the rains.. so do we human beings.. It just that we have disconnected ourselves with nature so much offlate that we tend to miss the inherent beauty and wonder in it.

Rain has always been favorite to people related to art and entertainment. There are lots of lovely songs written on rain.. One of my favorite in terms of both lyrics and music( my Darlings of course) is "Sakkara Vaagamo" in En swasa Kaatre". Sadly, many movie makers have used the rain to either accentuate the contours of a scantily dressed female character in the movie or make her cling on to the hero on the strike of thunder.I dont know about the rest of the audience but it seems ridiculous to me.Rains evoke a lot more feelings in a person than just romance or lust. Its unfortunate that we have been focusing only on those.

I also remember reading this -The saddest quote by the funniest man ever born, Charlie Chaplins-“I love walking in the rain, so no one can see me crying”. Pain or pleasure be it whatever.. I usually sense my hidden and dormant emotions surface when I watch the rains or when I occasionally dare to get drenched . Rains bring out memories..they whisper a lovely song by your ears, they listen to your hearts cry, cajole and console you.While the rains usually evoke the spiritual side in you and make you realise your self as a part of the whole ..they also bring innocent smiles .. especially the ones in summer that come along with a rainbow and the sweet and unique smell. A real feast for your senses. Whenever I smell them.. I get this strong urge to taste mud(%&^&^%!!!) but my brains tease me and I stop with a steaming cup of tea and the hot tasty bajjis my mom makes. At those moments is when I realise that best things in life come free.. without demand..like the rain and Moms love. Thats when I wonder ..Can something be so simple yet feel so good..Why do we complicate our lives chasing things out of our reach.. chasing mirages and materials.. and the more we get the more we want..

Kids these days grow with an aggressive attitude. Survival of the fittest is the motto and they are required to destroy anything that comes in the way to get what they want. Parents teach their kids to dance, sing, swim, study only to compete and make money. How many teach values.. to "live" life and enjoy the beauty of the simple and sweet packages that come along with it. How many say.. " Kiddo.. here comes the rain.. Lets go get drenched.."

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Rohit Oonnikrishnan said...

Hi Alma

I have never actually thought of it :) but yes most movies does relate rains with either romance or lust and maybe even mystery and all of them being pretty intense and extreme emotions .

nicely articulated thoughts ..and a good insight on indian kids singing "rain rain go away" :)