Monday, December 8, 2008

Mahathmas Mystery Monkeys and Movies

I had a strong urge to write about the movie Taare Zameen Par when I saw it first. I hadnt as I wasnt sure if my words could express what I felt and two.. I am not competent enough to review a movie. However I did suggest to whomever i spoke to( rather strongly.. I remember literally forcing the SlipTrip man) to watch it in the theaters. This is the first and only movie that I have watched thrice in the theaters.

What is making me write about it now? Well, I usually follow Saregamapa on Zee TV and this time the guest on the show was Aamir. I am not a person who confuses the reel heroes with the real ones.. But this man has become an exception. I would even vote for him if he chooses politics!! Until this happened, I have refrained from liking or disliking a person I haven't met or known in person except for one person.. the Darling of my heart AR Rahman.I am surprised to know that Aamir is close. Through out the show I found myself smiling at this man on screen either in appreciation or admiration. He didnt crack jokes..neither was he quick witted or spontaneous like Shah rukh or say Salman. Still there was a sincerity about whatever he said and did.

One another factor that I was able to relate to .. He seems to be a person who always looks at perfection and keeps doing a self assessment. To be able to do that.. he needs practice/rehearsals on everything he does, to improvise. He is not spontaneous enough to link to the participants quickly or even take compliments from them and react. Two participants mentioned very emotionally how they were able to relate to the movie and his reaction was hardly anything but a shy/happy smile . He was very conscious of his extempore performance. He played the drums on request from a Judge and sang Ay.. Kya bolti tu but did mention hat he might spoil the effect the song had on the audience earlier when the movie was released. I should rather be seeing this as a flaw.. (I was really upset with our Superstars stage presence at an Award function of NDTV, when he had to answer questions from Karan Johar and Shahrukh Khan) Surprisingly I wasnt able to in case of Aamir.. That is when I realised it was due to this movie he has given us.If this man can deliver something as good as TZP on his debut what more do we need to admire him.

I am not good at analysing a movie at all angles -talk about its techincal superiority or directorial touch.. still I can say that TZP is the best by all means of the movies I have seen offlate. The story, cast, music n lyrics( simply superb),dialogues, the script, the colors, the costumes - the lady who play Aamirs pal looks fresh as a flower with beautiful same time decent attire..Even the names chosen for the characters are unique and thoughtful. You cry and laugh and react to every single action of every character in this movie. I happened to watch it with my Parents once , with my my friend and her husband and then with my sis and mom again. All of them enjoyed it. There is no age limit or range for liking this movie. I have seen Mothers shed tears on watching or hearing this wonderful song Maa.. and so have I though I am not one yet. It brings out the Mom in every woman and what else can stand proof for the movie being good. Than anything else it highlights the positive side, speaks about the forgotten values of human bonding and emotions in this fast competitive and materialistic world

I have always felt that a movie has to portray all the good things in the world .. and deliver implied messages in a pleasant manner as against those that show violence and are sleazy and shocking in the name of reality, especially the psycho movies. It brings out the hidden emotions and the animal in people who otherwise see it as uncommon and try to suppress them. We are what we see hear and say. Isnt that what our Father of the Nation suggested through the Three monkeys.. that if we do not hear, see or talk evil, we ourselves shall be spared all evil.Its time that the entertainment industry took some responsibility for the societys wellbeing and not cleverly use the chicken egg concept to say we are showing what is there already and what is liked..Few of them claim that they leave it to the audience to take what is good and leave the bad behind.. If all a max percentage of human beings are capable of doing that.. the world wont be what it is today. If not all atleast a percentage of movies that each person makes, does and distributes should belong to a socially responsible or atleast pleasant and decent category- movies that are good to hear see and talk about and not evil.

I was really happy to hear that TZP is Indias official entry into the Oscars. This movie has proved wrong that a good decent make devoid all the regular conventional masala wont be a commercial success.. I am not sure if it will win an oscar but it already has according to me.

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