Saturday, October 17, 2009

Why blog?

Aasai arubadhu naal, mogam muppathu naal- This is usally said to denote that the fancy of love/lust/marriage dies quickly, a max of 90 days. I think it applies to all. Even blogging. I started it few months back and now I dont seem to get a chance or mindset to post something regularly as before. Why start then? People always want to try something new when there is no loss/harm in trying. So did I. Why do people blog. These are few things I could come up with. Maybe others can add

1. They are bored and got nothing else to do
2. They want to share information
3. Voice their opinion( you dont have to worry if any one is listening. so convenient)
4. Avoid debating as a consequence of 3. Moderate or remove comments
5. Bring out the writer in them or test writing skills
6. Portray they're net savvy - am the Gen X Y Z Z1 Z2 Z3 group( I wonder why they started with X..maybe the one who coined it thought the world would disappear in three to four decades from then). Or is it something I am not aware of.
7. Connect with the rest of the world
8. Can write better than talk.
9. Just for fun
10. Get no strings attached companions.

I sqeezed my brains so hard and could comeup with nothing more.I , btw, belong to category 1.

Having noted that my posts are way too long mostly and that its the age of "Twittering" I am going to try to convey more in less. That again sounds convenient for now. Not sure if it will work out for me


Deepak said...

For a minute I thought you were going to start tweeting!
So, you're going to write fewer lines once every two months. Cool! :)

Rohit said...

You have listed quite a few possibilities Alvy..Well, I started to blog to test my writing skills to be honest..but then I got hooked on to it eventually. Sometimes, it just acts a very good stress buster as well. I also like teh concept of a virtual world.

Alvy said...

spot on Deepak :-)

Ro..thats the difference between the way you took it forward and the way I did.Hope you dont end up deleting it like your orkut account.

Ramsi said...

Deepak, stop your twitter campaigns?