Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Phir mile sur??? Nowhere close

When I saw a mention about this in the net, I immediately logged into youtube to see the video. It definitely had a grand opening with ARR on Continuum and my expectations soared that very moment. ARR on this instrument reminded me of the haunting but awesome music in Delhi 6(Rehna Tu) An all pervasive, reverberating, melancholic still sought after music that lingers on for long.So.. grand opening it was. Did the rest meet my expectations? Hardly.

The benefit of doubt that remakes and remix dont satisfy people who tend to compare it with the original, doesnt hold good here.

I have watched Mile Sur a million times on DD in my teens. It had the effect close to that of our National Anthem in me and maybe a little more enthusiasm/commercial masala effect due to the presence of cinestars, musicians and other famous personalties.Even today when I hear/see the old version,it has the same effect, not to mention nostalgic. The latest one is a complete disappointment that way. Forget just seems just as a hurried attempt to remake a masterpiece by lining up celebrities.

I found even Sonu Nigams singing a little out of place. Deepika should have saved that dress for the ramps. Why did Aamir choose to sing this one in Aye.. kya bolti style? Heights! Shahrukh could have spared atleast this one of his boring outdated arm stretching posture.

On the other hand, you find almost all of the great musicians and artists of the country there doing their part in the most sincere and beautiful manner possible( Sivamani rocks).I guess Vikrams tried it himself and he sounds good, not sure though. Priyanka should have tried as well for the singer she is claimed to be and could have avoided coming out so strange. Big Bs voice creates the usual magic.Aishwarya does her part by looking stunning as ever and holding hands with her husband. Salman with the kids is a touching, heart warming addition. Individually, most have done justice - but the mixing together is totally messed up. So there is Sur.. but why is the essence of it interwining and coming out as a whole missing big time? You see gaps and holes in the whole which the popularity of the participants has failed to hide.

Also, Where is the common man?? Is India all about Cinema and Sports? I really miss the shy malayalee atop an elephant going "ente swaramum.." slanting his face and moving histhin body to the music, the bunch of oldies getting off the train, the man on the boat in Kashmir lake.. How can a Indian relate himself to this one like the earlier one which showed a part of him in there? The earlier one celebrated both the significant and simple aspects of India while this one seems like a toast for the successful ones only


Vishnu V Pillai said...

I agree fully with you on the fact that Phir mile sur was purely highlighted films and sports- as always aam admi left out....

After all then whom else can you expect to accept everything? :)

Alvy said...

:-) and thank you for stopping by