Friday, July 18, 2008


Check this mans orkut profile and you will have all his friends talk about his flipping tripping and slipping episodes. Healthy by all means, though he abuses it by constantly smoking, this man needs no reason to slip and trip.. not even a banana peel. He will be walking right in front of you and the next moment he is gone..if you look for him, you will find him on the floor either with a sheepish grin if he isn't hurt much or writhing in pain if hurt. He tries to put up a brave face but being fair skinned, there is no way he can hide the pain as all the blood in his body rushes to his face and people easily can spot it. He falls so often that people get used to it over time. If someone is standing next to him and laughing out loud looking at him, the spectator assumes that Humpty Dumpty has had his big fall again.

Though the above portrays a very funny picture, he is the most intelligent, understanding and friendly personality I have ever come across. Sometimes I feel that he deliberately makes others laugh at him to make them feel comfortable. Same time there is this dignity level he maintains and no one can cross the boundary or take him for granted.

There is also this sincerity with which he does things that you might find him replying "Glad to meet you too" when someone in the church seated to his left/right shakes his hands and says "Peace be with you".Well, our man is hard of hearing( or shall I say poor listening skills) at times and that was his first visit to the Church.

He owns a mobile but uses it like how someone uses the landline. And whenever he dares to keep it mobile he loses it . You give him a call he returns it after ages. But call it coincidence or miracle, he is always there to cheer you up when you desperately need a friend.

Readers.. you are wrong if you feel I got only good things to say about this man.. but guess what.. today is his Birthday. I wouldn't have mentioned this in my blog if not for his suggestion that I need to keep my blog bit more personal. Happy Birthday buddy!!!!!!! and quit smoking yaar.. I don't think you want a sequel to SlipTripSmokeEngine highlighting the other side.. lol.. Enjoy your day and continue bringing smiles to all those near and dear to you. May you be blessed with a
long life full of fun, happiness, love and peace.

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KK said...

Many more happy returns of the day... Mr.Ro...

101 % agreed on Slip Trip & Smoke Engine...

Where & when is the party....