Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Why should God exist

I personally don't know or cant prove whether God exists or not. Irritated by those who take God as an excuse for their inability, I have chosen God to be related to all those good and nice things that exist, good deeds done, unconditional love, anything and everything good within and around us.I see God even in music.. in its healing power.This not only seems to be rational ( others usually don't attach logic to God) but always helps me refrain from hurting others or my own self in the name of God.. ex.. few traditional beliefs demands life sacrifice,breaking coconuts on your head etc..

There are people who ruin their life with their own stupid choices and wash their hands off later when their decisions fail blaming it on Gods will.These are people who give love to some unknown unseen power called God than sharing it with fellow humanbeings who suffer and rot everyday in this mean materialistic world. God, according to these people, will take care of those people who are actually their responsibility.

The way people treat God, if they treat their fellow beings, life would be better off for them and those around them.They dont blame God if something bad happens to them, they spend time with God, they offer him gifts, they love him unconditionally, they
confide in him. Isn't this what all human beings need or crave for from their loved ones?

Now, whether we believe or not, having faith/fear in God always helps.I am not sure how many of those who claim to have faith in God really believe in his/her( well, there sure IS a probability of God being Her.. isn't it.. though conventionally its been otherwise) existence. Faith has a condition attached to it. Not to question. It has to be unconditional. For, when you are really lonely, desperate and helpless
with no one to look up to, you have God! And you always have him unlike those people around you who claim to love and care for you but are not there when you actually need them. To top it all, God is conveniently invisible. The omnipotent God is someone who needs to be felt, not seen. Now how favorable that can be to a desperate soul. He doesn't need proof.. he just has to believe that there is someone. It gives a lot of help, relief and peace.On the other hand, if its fear as against faith, that helps too. It forces people to be good, stay away from the bad.

It all depends on the perspective. We always have a choice.. to see the good from bad, to chose to help than ignore, to smile instead of sulk, to see light in darkness, to believe in the goodness in us than feeling unworthy and desperate, to put the devil to sleep and awaken the Godliness within.. Its in all these and more that God exists..rather should exist. Todays world needs him.

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