Thursday, July 17, 2008

So when did u know its love ???

That is the punch line or story line of the movie Jaane thu ya Jaane na. I am not going to talk about the movie here other than that its a cute, fun filled, commercial but decent movie where most of them have done justice to their jobs and roles. Its the story line that caught my attention. Excellent timing and apt for the generation

The group especially ones born after 1980, has this major problem seeing the line between Friendship and Love and puts itself thru a lot of trouble.I have seen both guys and girls go thru this.The permutation and combination of relationships that come out of it is really amazing but funny at the same time.

Few combos include -Its only the girl or guy who thinks its love or who thinks its friendship... Or both the girl and guy think its friendship but its " actually' love( like in Jaane thu)... or they both think its love but its friendship in reality.. or the guy/ girl thinks its love but prefer to continue it as friendship as Love leads to complications.There is also this lot that sacrifices love to retain friendship and so on..( like in Kadhal desam) Good Lord...this can be endless. poor youth of today.. they have so much to get confused about..on top of that we have the Parents.. who are also confused as to what extent they need to control or decide with respect to this fact.

There are a lot of movies made on this subject... Add external inputs to the theory like a another guy or girl other than the lead, which forms a triangle love story, or Parents, then the variety is endless. Common factor is the confused state of mind and the pain.

Whats the solution? Honesty I would say. People here are so much used to having something in mind and saying something else( for intentions good or bad) be it in official or personal life. Everyone tries to be diplomatic and wants to be nice to everyone though in reality they don't want to. As time passes, reality bites and there are heart burns,blame games, manipulation, indecisiveness, and depression. When someone really likes/dislikes someone or loves/hates someone they hesitate speaking about it. Other hand, they speak about something which isn't true just because its the trend. A guy " needs" to have a girl friend and I guess
the vice versa is also true these days else they stand alone in a crowd.

"I love you" has been so commonly used that you say it to anyone right from your doggy to your spouse. Its actually good to express your love...if the relationship is already well defined then there is no confusion but in other cases it causes problems. "I meant I like you not love you, I said I love you but not in those terms, I said I love you but not that I want to marry you.." - could be certain manipulations

So.. Guys and girls.. when you know its love..say it.. whenever you really love someone.But dont... when you actually dont..

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Viki said...

Nicole, Good one by you. I think the movies which came in late 80's and 90's might be the reason for the confusion. ha ha ha

2nd thing is..... Please be noted that am a regular visitor for your blog :-))